CovidHelp Resources - Level 1

Information You Can Use!

It’s not always easy to know where to go to find what you’re looking for, and sometimes one does not know what one is looking for until one has found it.

Here we will list a variety of websites, videos, and podcasts for your research pleasure. Some of these sites are fairly simple and easy to navigate, while others offer so much information, it’s downright overwhelming.

We have broken it down a bit in an attempt to keep everyone properly “whelmed”. Don’t feel bad if the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.

Life is a Journey and learning is part of the adventure. Enjoy!

CAERS - Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System

You Are Not Alone!

We provide a safe place where individuals can be heard and their experiences documented in a secure and confidential manner.

CAERS is actively seeking to facilitate treatment, legal action, data analysis and provide testimonials for public inquiries, debates and commissions for Canadians by reaching out to collaborate with other organizations and professionals.

At CAERS we want you to know that your story is valid, and You Are Not Alone.



God Keep Our Land Glorious and Free


Action4Canada is a grassroots movement reaching out to millions of Canadians and UNITING our voices in opposition to the destructive policies tearing at the fabric of this nation. Through Call To ACTION campaigns, we equip citizens to take action.

We are committed to protecting FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.



Stand United Canada

Strength & Honour

This is a call to action with a plan to end C-19 restrictions and mandates permanently!

We are going for accountability with irrefutable evidence being served to those complicit in harm to Canadians, in the name of "safety".

Colleges, physicians, and surgeons could have stood up and said NO to the mandates. They didn’t! They are complicit in the willful harm perpetuated on Canadians.



Unity Movement - Canada

Bringing Unity Back to Community

The UNITY Movement is a collective of people endeavoring to bring unity back to our community. We provide opportunities, tools, and support to help people connect with others. We demonstrate love and respect through our words and actions as an aligned community.

Core Values are Community, Conversations, Peace, Harmony, and Mutual Respect.


Center for Research on Globalization

The Global Research website publishes news articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focusing on social, political, economic, cultural, strategic, and environmental issues. Since 2001, Global Research has established an international network of authors, scholars, and investigative journalists.  The underlying concept is the “democratization” of research and media reporting, while maintaining high standards of investigation and analysis.



Canada’s Social Media Platform

Librti is Canada’s social media platform, where you can connect with people that value the free flow of information, critical thinking, and individual liberty.