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The purpose of the CovidHelp website is to give you access to Information, Inspiration, and Resources that you might not have known of. Just for fun, we have designated each Level of this website to correlate with the colors of the 7 Chakras of the body; starting with Red on the 1st Level, to Violet/Purple on the 7th Level.

To access Level 2 - Facts Over Fear, fill out the L2 questionnaire. Once you have experienced the information in L2 - and there's a lot - you will be ready to tackle the Level 3 - Treatments & Solutions questionnaire. And so on it goes to Level 7 - A New World.

Enjoy the Journey!

A Sneak Peak at the CovidHelp Levels...

Level 2

Facts Over Fear

Reduce the 'Fear Factor' by educating yourself
to make clearer decisions.
Level 3

Treatments & Solutions

Meet some of the Doctors, Scientists, and Organizations who are fighting for Medical Freedom.
Level 4

Truth & Courage

Here you will meet some Everyday Heroes who have found the Courage to speak their Truth.
Level 5

Revealing the Madness

In Level 5 we reveal and discuss some of the Who, How, & Why of the Madness and Destruction.
Level 6

The Awakening

Level 6 offers Information and Inspiration for the Awakening Ones.
Level 7

A New World

A New World awaits us. Shall we go?

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