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Looking For Information On How To Stay Healthy And Happy During Covid-19? Read On! We will be updating our site regularly, and adding new content as quickly as we can!

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There are several treatments that can help prevent COVID-19 symptoms and/or mitigate the symptoms.

Doctors using these treatments are having near 100% success keeping people OUT of hospitals and near ZERO deaths.

I’m not an MD, so my opinion carries no legal weight. Here’s my disclaimer.

That said, to prevent COVID-19 symptoms I’d personally

1. Learn the true facts about this disease, so you can choose appropriate treatments,

2. Get the appropriate supplements for you and your family, and 

3. Learn how to use the supplements for maximum effectiveness and efficacy.

Covid-19 Treatments That Work

Many Front Line Doctors - who are actually treating COVID patients, - scientists and experimenters have discovered several treatments that can prevent or mitigate COVID-19 symptoms, allowing you to become resistant or immune to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

We will be telling you about many of them as we develop this website.

Our first example, with many more to follow,  is:

Dr. Paul E. Marik - MD, FCCP, FCCM of the Eastern Virginia Medical School Department of Internal Medicine Chief, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, who offers some very insightful information available below.

Doctor Recommended Supplements That Work!

Below are 9 supplements that are easy to find, easy to take and easy on the wallet, to help strengthen your immune system against ANY virus.  

Click the Icons for links to the products!

Monitor Your Health

Getting a Pulse Oximeter and a thermometer are good ideas and easy ways to monitor your health.

Because as the SARS-CoV-2 takes hold, the COVID-19 symptoms include dropping oxygen in blood, increase in heart rate and slight raise in temperature (fever).  Keep a chart when healthy, so you know when blood oxygen drops and temperature rises.  

For the average person, blood oxygen under 85 combined with temperature over 100°F is indicative that you might have COVID-19 symptoms.