In trying to answer some frequently asked questions, we realize that there are many opposing points of view.  Our goal is to provide you with some foundational information so you can decide how to make the best choices for yourself.  Please realize that there is much information out there that would sway you toward specific agendas by not telling you the whole truth and making things seem as they actually are not.  Clear facts, discernment, and discretion are critical if you are not to be led astray.

Any search you do yields a dozen or more articles, videos, etc. from the CDC, NIH, WHO, etc.; all of which claim to be the leading authority on our Health and what actions we should take.  We here at CovidHelp feel the public needs a broader perspective from actual experts in the field, on the ground, dealing with patients on a daily basis.  Much of this type of information is being obscured or simply cannot be found unless you know where to look.  We want to help you see all the angles.

Do you have a Question about Covid related topics that you'd like answered?  Send us a quick email at support@covidhelp.life, and we'll send you an answer and add it to our list here.