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We have broken it down a bit in an attempt to keep everyone properly “whelmed”. Don’t feel bad if the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.

Life is a Journey and learning is part of the adventure. Enjoy!

Inner Traditions - Bear & Company

Books for the Mind, Body, & Spirit Since 1975




Started back in 1975 in a small office in New York City, Inner Traditions • Bear & Company now has 13 imprints and, as of 2022, more than 2,000 titles in print across a wide and eclectic range of subjects. The company is considered one of the largest and oldest publishing houses in the world devoted exclusively to the subjects of spirituality, esotericism, and alternative health and healing.

Its founder and publisher, Ehud C. Sperling, has often been asked, “What is your role as a book publisher?” He replies,

“To seed the dream of humanity. We must determine the worthiness of the author’s ideas, publish them, and then watch. Every book has its own life, its own destiny. Our work is to put the finest ideas into the hands of our readers and let destiny unfold.”


Inner Traditions is the flagship imprint of Inner Traditions International, a visionary publishing company based in Rochester, Vermont, that publishes books, ebooks, audiobooks, card decks, and other products that convey the spiritual, cultural, and mythical traditions of the world. The Inner Traditions imprint focuses on esoteric knowledge, occult wisdom, and perennial philosophies


Bear & Company specializes in books to broaden our perspective on the mysterious origins of humanity. Founded in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1980 and now part of the Inner Traditions family of visionary publishing in Vermont, Bear & Company publishes books to celebrate and heal the earth.


Findhorn Press is one of the world’s leading independent publishers in the fields of spirituality, healing, and self-development. Originally a branch of the legendary Findhorn Foundation spiritual community, famous for its miraculous gardens and sustainable ecovillage in northeast Scotland, Findhorn Press today is independent of the Findhorn Foundation yet still retains the essence of the original Findhorn mission: to make a positive, loving, and healing difference on both the individual and planetary level.


Earthdancer was founded in 2005 by Arwen Osmani as an imprint of Findhorn Press. In 2018 another milestone was set as Earthdancer became an imprint of Inner Traditions International. Earthdancer specializes in publishing high quality, full-color books on the subject of healing, particularly crystal healing. Earthdancer publishes a select number of interesting and beautifully illustrated books each year, by authors who are specialists in their fields, including Michael Gienger’s Healing Crystals and Purifying Crystals.


Healing Arts Press imprint maintains a singular focus on self-care through complementary & alternative medicine and holistic health. Healing Arts Press books combine contemporary thought and innovative research with the accumulated knowledge of the world’s great healing traditions. The imprint has gained global recognition for excellence in publishing books on herbalism, naturopathy, self-care, homeopathy, essential oils, Ayurveda, and general health & wellness.


Park Street Press publishes books to enhance our understanding of the world in which we live, with a strong focus on psychology, new science, consciousness studies, and psychedelics & entheogens. Bestsellers include DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman, M.D., and The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide by James Fadiman, Ph.D. Books by new science author Rupert Sheldrake may be found under the Park Street Press imprint as well as books by authors Joseph Chilton Pearce, Thom Hartmann, and Alejandro Jodorowsky.


Destiny Books features new age and metaphysical titles with an emphasis on self-transformation, psychological well-being, sacred sexuality & tantra, divination, and pagan & occult spiritual traditions. Bestsellers include The Book of Ho'oponopono and Tantric Orgasm for Women, and Chakras by Harish Johari. Destiny Books publishes Taoist spiritual master Mantak Chia, well known for his bestsellers, including The Healing Light of the Tao and Chi Self-Massage among dozens of others.


Sacred Planet Books are published under the umbrella of the Inner Traditions family of imprints, continues these themes while emphasizing other urgent topics: climate, permaculture, alchemy, biological transmutation, viral transmission, meta-politics, hyperobjects, spiritwalking, shapeshifting, the etheric realm, oracles, locutions, time travel, astrology, crystals, and subtle bodies.


List of Categories -

  • Astrology, Tarot & Divination
  • New Age
  • Shamanism & Indigenous
  • Paganism
  • Esoteric & Occult
  • Ancient Mysteries
  • Art & Dance
  • New Science & Nature
  • Western Religion & Culture
  • Eastern Religion & Culture
  • Self-Help & Psychology
  • Psychedelics & Entheogens
  • Children & Teens
  • Sacred Sexuality & Tantra
  • Holistic Health
  • Bodywork & Energy Medicine
  • Yoga, Exercise & Martial Arts
  • Diet & Nutrition
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