Dr. Mike Answers Questions

Here are 10 questions about Covid, answered by Dr. Mike.

Doctor Mike answers some good questions in his video above. We've broken the answers down for you here in a quick read.

1. Can pets transmit the virus?

The answer here is both Yes and No! They cannot transmit the virus in the way that humans can transmit the virus, such as being infected and passing it along. However if an infected person pets your furry friend, and then you pet your furry friend, the virus can possibly be transmitted this way.

2. Should I use soap to wash my produce?

That's a big hard no! Soap can actually be absorbed into your food, which can cause other health issues, in addition to making your delicous produce taste BAD! Simply run them under cold water and you'll be good to go.

3. Is it OK to throw a mini-party if we all stay 6 feet apart?

Dr. Mike's verdict on this is no.

4. Should I be taking an immune boosting supplement?

Dr. Mike's advice on this topic to eat a healthy diet! This is great advice, and something we should all be doing anyway. He doesn't recommend taking high doses of suppliments to boost your immune system, however if you're unable to meet good nutritional needs through diet alone, then suppliments may not be a bad idea for you to ensure you get the required amount of vitamins and minerals.

5. If not supplements how can I boost my immune system?

There are 4 things you can do to optimize your immune system:

A. Get plenty of sleep.

B. Eat healthy. Get in your daily doses of fruits and veggies.

C. Exercise. Get out there and go for a walk or run, play in the yard with your kids, or hit up a workout video! Your body with thank you.

D. Avoid bad habits. Too much junk food, smoking and excessive alcholol consumption are not good for your health!

6. Is COVID-19 an airborne virus?

Research says that Covid-19 is not an airborn virus. Yes, it can travel in the air via spit droplets, but it doesn't float around in the air on its own.

7. What can I do to lower my anxiety and depression during quarantine?

First, try and stay connected with your friends and family. Use zoom or FaceTime with your loved ones to avoid feeling alone.

Second, stay away from too much news! It can be depressing to watch, especially when all the facts aren't being presented!

Find a new hobby, or pick up an old one that you may not have had time for before!

8. Is it true that taking ibuprofen can make the COVID-19 symptoms worse?

There actually hasn't been any evidence to support that claim. Dr. Mike expains this in the video.

9. Should the general public be wearing masks to decrease the spread of COVID-19?

This is the first time in history that the health population has been made to act as if they are sick. Masks have been mandated to keep your droplets contained in order to prevent others from becoming ill, but there's no actual scientific evidence to support that non surgical mask wearing will keep you or others safe.

10. Is ordering food delivery safe?

Yes, ordering take out or having your groceries delivered is pretty safe. Just make sure you wash your hands after unpacking your delivery and before eating!