Our Mission Statement

The CovidHelp Mission

Our Primary Mission, in a nutshell, is to present the "Whole Story" as best we can.

 We believe everyone should have access to ALL the available information, to make their own choices in regard to their individual Health and personal freedoms.

The CovidHelp website is designed to take you through levels of understanding and knowledge - step by step. We encourage you to read it like a manual and try not to miss a single article, since it may have major relevance to the next article you read.

Our goal is to provide you with information that you can use as guidance through this Covid pandemic and beyond. Have Courage and know that You are Loved!

Information Is Power - Increase Your Power

Many of us are very concerned about the uncertainties we are facing - What is this COVID-19 thing and what makes it any different from all the other diseases? Why have our leaders shut down the world? When are things going back to normal? Why are so many of all ages sick? How do we protect ourselves? Are the vaccines really “safe and effective”? Who can we trust?

These are all very important questions and call for clear answers if we are to move forward with certainty. It’s hard not to feel powerless in the face of all this. Acquiring information and knowledge is empowering, and then you have to apply it, which takes a whole other level of courage.

One thing is certain – nothing ever stays the same and expecting it to, or longing for the past is not a very productive nor fulfilling way to live. Life is an adventure and if we’re doing it right, every moment should be filled with learning, un-learning, and re-learning.

Here at CovidHelp, we encourage you to empower yourself; to take charge of the decisions you make. You are the final authority in your life.