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The CovidHelp website will be divided into different levels of information.  If you would like to learn more about the subjects we are highlighting here, please fill out our Survey Questions and then answer our Qualification Questions to access the next level of our website.

You may already be familiar with the info or you may have to do a little homework to be ready for the next level learning.  Most of the first-level answers can be found right here on the CovidHelp website.  The Qualification Questions will help us determine if you are ready for the next level or if we need to provide you with more info, OR if you’re happy where you are.

As with all surveys, the purpose is to learn more about your opinions.  Your answers to our Survey Questions will help us get a feel for public opinion on some of the aspects of our current world situation and what is important to you.

BTW, our surveys are totally anonymous.  We respect your privacy and will never share any of the information you provide to us with anyone else.  We will need your email, however, for the Next Level Questions in order to share feedback with you.  You can also reach us through the Contact Tab.

Please answer all the questions as honestly as you can and know that your opinions matter.  No matter what level you prefer, we want to offer useful information to you and be as helpful as possible.  Have fun with the surveys and let us know if you have any questions.

Survey Questions

Test Questions for Next Level Learning