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It’s not always easy to know where to go to find what you’re looking for, and sometimes one does not know what one is looking for until one has found it.

Here we will list a variety of websites, videos, and podcasts for your research pleasure. Some of these sites are fairly simple and easy to navigate, while others offer so much information, it’s downright overwhelming.

We have broken it down a bit in an attempt to keep everyone properly “whelmed”. Don’t feel bad if the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.

Life is a Journey and learning is part of the adventure. Enjoy!

National Vaccine Information Center - NVIC

Protecting Health and Informed Consent Rights Since 1982

NVIC's Work and Vision

NVIC provides counseling and information assistance to those who have suffered vaccine reactions; promotes independent, methodologically sound scientific research to evaluate vaccine safety and effectiveness, as well as to identify factors which place some individuals at higher risk for suffering vaccine reactions; and monitors vaccine research, development, regulation, policy-making and legislation. Visit our programs web page to learn more about NVIC's work.

Since 1982, NVIC has advocated that well-designed, independent, on-going scientific studies must be conducted to: (1) define the various biological mechanisms involved in vaccine injury and death: (2) identify genetic and other biological high risk factors for suffering chronic brain and immune system dysfunction after vaccination; and  (3) evaluate short and long-term health outcomes of individuals, who use many vaccines, and those, who use fewer or no vaccines, to determine the health effects of vaccination on individuals and the public health.

NVIC supports:

  • an independent agency in the federal government to monitor vaccine safety and oversee vaccine safety research;
  • a large, prospective study to compare the long term health outcomes of highly vaccinated children and unvaccinated children;


NVIC works to protect the freedom for citizens to exercise the human right to voluntary, informed consent to any medical intervention or use of pharmaceutical product, such as a vaccine, which carries a risk of injury or death.  NVIC is a member of the GuideStar’s Exchange Program, which requires that our organization meet certain transparency requirements. To learn more about our work and programs, please visit our Annual Reports webpage.


"The only voice our children have until they are old enough to make life and death decisions for themselves is the voice that we, their parents who know and love them best, give to them." 

~ Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder and President (NVIC)

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