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The New Humanity Movement consists of a global group of Awakened, Humanitarian, Peace-loving humans who believe in a new Earth with common goals for a totally different future outcome. Our Movement is currently rewriting a new future, in a positive direction for mankind, by bringing forward new ideas and ways for living in harmony and peace with a universal code of ethics and standards.

New Humanity Movement is a global one; it has no borders and looks at humanity as one entity. Members discuss, share, research, and implement new possibilities in Science, Technology, Health, Healing, ET Contact, Space Exploration, Permaculture, Spiritual Expansion, and Transformation of Consciousness. The discussion includes subjects like: Freedom; how to create a new path for Humanity with Global Peace; Free Energy; Free Speech; moving away from the current banking system; Geo-Engineering; GMO Food Industrialization; Mind-control Spying Systems; Militarization; Secret Societies; Nuclearization of the Planet, War-mongering Strategies; Enslavement of the Masses and more.

The purpose of the New Humanity Movement is to help assist our whole planet to shift into a higher state of consciousness and awareness. We seek to bring together like-minded people with positive intentions for the purpose of building communities and propagating higher wisdom to usher in a new future for Humanity and for our planet.

NHM Members get to participate in Events, Conferences, Classes, and Courseware from Global Leaders to raise skill levels and to participatet in creating small communities of choice in the USA and Worldwide. By deploying both old and new technology to create the best possible products and services, we hope to give humanity the highest possible chance of surviving the collapse of modern civilization. We also plan to cooperate with other organizations and groups with a similar outlook and willingness to work towards a positive future for the World.

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