Our Mission

Our Mission Statement At Covid Help

Our Primary Mission, in a nutshell, is to present the ‘rest of the story’ so people can make intelligent, informed decisions for themselves, their family, and their children. We believe everyone should have all the available information to make their own choices in regards to their individual health and personal freedoms.

Information Is Power

We - concerned world citizens - have discovered MANY treatments that mitigate the severity of the COVID-19, to the point that mortality is reduced to near ZERO.

Some are treatments that are best done prophylactically – for prevention – and there are treatments that can pull people back from death’s door, especially when used instead of ventilation / intubation.

We note that these treatments are being viciously suppressed by the Vaccine Vested Interest that want worldwide vaccination to be the ONLY acceptable answer.

We’ve found that vaccines have ‘inherent risks’ and that the body’s own immune system is superior to all vaccines (note that vaccines are supposedly designed to ‘activate’ the body’s own immune system.)

We calculate that hundreds of thousands of people have died, and are still dying, needlessly, because of misinformation and inappropriate treatments while the many safe treatments are not being used. These highly effective treatments have been known and safely used for DECADES.

We wish to correct that and SAVE LIVES...

To Us, EVERY Life Matters!

But… People DO DIE every day, naturally.

Death is a given from our first breath and no one knows when their end will come.

Our MISSION is to help prevent UNNECESSARY Deaths and/or improve QUALITY of life.

To do this we attempt to walk the line between what is best for the individual and what is best for all humanity.

In other words:

If a choice saves ONE life, but kills 2 others, we consider it to be a BAD choice.  We want to save the MOST lives.

If a choice saves ONE life but substantially lowers the quality of life for an entire nation, we consider it to be a BAD choice. If you have no quality of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness… Why be living at all?

We want to promote choices that are for the better good of ALL, each of us doing what we can to APPROPRIATELY protect ourselves and others while still having QUALITY of life.

Many ‘early’ deaths and susceptibility to a bad outcome to ANY infection are often the result of poor life choices… We’ll address that too.

We do NOT believe that an individual should be sacrificed for the ‘good of the herd’.  We believe every life is as important as ‘all lives’.

We believe that anyone willing to give up freedom - even a little - for ’safety’ deserves neither. We think there is ALWAYS an answer to every crisis that does not involve slavery or communistic choices.

The USA became the world’s super-power by preserving freedom and has lost ground in lockstep with every concession to personal freedoms.

Of course we do not condone actions that endanger or injure others, but we choose to deal with those situations in ways that do NOT cost us freedoms.

Free People have ALWAYS come up with effective answers to every crisis, this has NEVER FAILED and we need to trust that some of us WILL find the answers…And IN FACT, some of us HAVE found the answers!

After reviewing this website (once it is fully online) you will know more (in layman’s terms) than many Medical Doctors about the COVID-19, because the information on this website is being viciously suppressed on the internet and Doctors are not ’taught’ this information; they need to learn it the same way you are doing now. Even then, many Doctors are reluctant to apply these treatments because, in some areas, Doctors that DO these treatments can lose their medical license… So, it’s up to you to learn for your own health’s sake.

We're here to help, if you are ready to be helped.